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What's Driving you Crazy? - Bad potholes

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What's Driving You Crazy?
TUCSON (KVOA) - Bad potholes! That is what's driving you crazy this week. Sometimes you're driving along and all of a sudden you see a big pothole in the road and you can't avoid it and then you start to worry about your tires. How long does it take for a pothole like that to be fixed?
Alfonso asked: how deep does a pothole need to be before it's repaired?
Erica Frazelle with the Tucson department of transportation and mobility said, "There is no requirement for a pothole to be repaired. If you experience any potholes or any asphalt deficiencies we ask the community to help be our set of eyes. Let us know so we can get those repaired quickly and they can let us know by emailing"
What else is driving you crazy? Got a traffic question or concern? Let me know by emailing

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