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Triple digits says who?

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TUCSON – Another kinda “hot” day in Tucson as temperatures are peaking in the low-to-mid 90s under sunny skies.

We have now made it through the month of May without seeing triple digits and we’re off to the races without reaching the century month so far in June. (Granted today is only June 2nd).

We’ve surpassed the average date to reach 100 degrees. This occurrence falls on May 19th, and we probably won’t reach the latest day to reach this value which occurs on June 22nd.

But if we make it until June 10th without hitting 100 degrees, then we crack the top 10 for latest dates to reach 100 degrees. These records go all the way back to 1895.

(Some signs point to the next good Ice Break chance to happen on June 9th – so it may be a close top ten call)


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