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Tucson expected to OK $15-minimum wage after first ballot returns

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TUCSON (KVOA) - There were three propositions on the ballots in Tuesday's election in southern Arizona, from Proposition 206 and 410 in the City of Tucson, to Proposition 487 in Vail.

There were two in which voters living in City of Tucson limits were able to decide on - Prop 206 and Prop 410, both dealing with increasing wages.

Prop 206 would raise the minimum wage for the City of Tucson to $13 an hour in 2022, and rising to $15 an hour by 2025.

Prop 410 would raise the Tucson Mayor and City Council member's salaries $12,000 each. They haven't received a raise since 1999. If passed, Prop 410 would increase the mayor's salary from $42,000 to $54,000 per year and city council members' salary from $24,000 to $36,000 per year. 

On Tuesday, results showed that there were 59.99% "yes" votes for Prop 206 and 32.36% "no" votes with 67,801 reported votes. 

In addition, results showed that there were 46.17% "yes" votes for Prop 410 and 45.96% "no" votes with 67,633 reported votes.

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Pima County

For Vail residents, Prop 487 would fund programs like the arts, music and physical education for the school district.

The current override funds are 13 art teachers, 13.5 music teachers, 21 physical education teachers and 18 achievement teachers.

For gifted and AP teachers, there are 44 classroom teachers to help control classroom size and a 2.5 percent salary supplement.

Since it is an override, this prop would not impact the current tax rate if it passes.

Prop 487 must be re-authorized by voters every five years or the tax phases out along with staff and the programs it supports.

On Tuesday, results for the budget override continuation showed that there were a total of 9,585 "yes" votes and 5,098 "no" votes with 14,683 reported votes. 

In reply to the outcome, Vail Unified School District Superintendent John Carruth released this statement: 

"This is great affirmation of the partnership we share with out community and the great work we do in our schools." 

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Cochise County

In Cochise County, there are two issues on the ballot. A property tax continuation in the Northern Cochise County Hospital District, where a "yes" vote would put and end to the authorization. 

The second issue is the budget override for Willcox Unified School District No. 13, where a "yes" vote would authorize the district's governing board to continue the existing maintenance and operation budget override. A "no" vote to this would put an end to its authorization. 

On Tuesday, there were 59.81% "yes" votes for the SD13 budget override and 35.64% "no" votes with 1,280 reported votes. 

For NCCHD 01, there were 69.62% "yes" votes and 29.91% "no" votes with a total of 2,313 reported votes. 

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