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Live betting in Arizona starts Sep. 9

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Suns Booker

TUCSON (KVOA) - Starting Sept. 9, event wagering will go live and gambling apps and sites are already offering big money just to get you to place a bet.

The Arizona Department of Gaming says eight sports teams and organizations are now licensed gaming locations. So if you are going to an Arizona Cardinals Game or a Phoenix Suns game, you will be able to place a bet right then and there. They have also given out ten tribal licenses.

"I think it's really cool," Elle Nicholson, UArizona student said. "It gives the kids an opportunity to get involved in the sports."

With Tucson being a college town, many professors and classmates may even know someone they can bet on.

So should they be allowed to make a bet?

"I mean, I don't see why not," Charlie Elisea, UArizona student said.

"I think that members of the athletic department in any way should be prohibited from betting," William Thomson, a former professor at University of Michigan said.

After reaching out to the Arizona Department of Gaming, News 4 Tucson asked them what their rules were for those allowed to place a bet. They said any individual whose participation may undermine the integrity of the wagering or sports event is prohibited from betting.

"Especially if you have professors and coaches gambling on teams because they have information that's not known to other people," Daniel Delafunte, UArizona student said.

While the rule does not necessarily mean that teachers at the UArizona cannot bet, it does mean those with ties to college athletes that could influence a game in any way are prohibited.

If you are betting a lot of money on one team constantly, you may be flagged by the vendor and investigated. If you're found guilty, you could be paying penalties or even serve jail time.