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Teenager arrested with high-powered rifle

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Teenager arrested with high-powered rifle

TUCSON (KVOA) - A teenager is behind bars Friday night after leading Pima County Sheriff deputies on a chase.

When officers nabbed him, they found a high powered rifle and a pistol.

It happened last Tuesday on the city's southside near Liberty and Kentucky Street.

With help of the Air Unit, deputies followed the 16-year-old suspect through a neighborhood while people were sleeping.

Radio Traffic: "10-0. He's got a rifle, he's laying down."

"What they perceive is the potential for an ambush that this kid is attempting," Chief Deputy Rick Kastigar said.

Jan. 4, just after 1 a.m., patrol deputies tried to stop the driver for a traffic violation, however, he kept going.

Deputies even set out stop sticks.

Chief Deputy Kastigar pointed to the video and said, "You can see the tires have been deflated you can see the heat coming off the rims starting to disintegrate."

The sheriff's department fixed wing airplane called "Survey" caught every movement. They fly 7,000 feet in the air equipped with the latest technology.

Radio traffic: "He's north bound on Liberty."

The 16-year-old crashed the vehicle.

Radio Traffic: "He swung wide and he's 10-50 into a car. He's on foot running east bound on Kentucky."

The suspect is shown running with a rifle in his hand, and from the air deputies alert others on the ground.

Radio Traffic: "Triple 9 it let's let them know what is going on."

"That puts out a level of importance to the team that listening and responding to the location," Kastigar said. 

The teenager is unaware the aircraft is tracking him. He continues to run with a rifle and a pistol in his possession.

He can been seen ditching the rifle behind a house on Kentucky Avenue across the street from a neighbor News 4 Tucson spoke to.

"What business did he have carrying that kind of weapon. You know at 16 years old that is absoloutely ridiculous," the woman said. 

The neighbor asked not to be identified, but wanted to know where are the parents of this teenager.

"If my son was doing things like that when he was young I would've slapped him silly," she said.

The air unit directed the K-9 unit to where the suspect was located. The dog detained him until deputies could place the handcuffs and arrested him.

All this while the neighborhood was sleeping.

Chief deputy Kastigar told News 4 Tucson he was relieved the teenager was arrested.

He added, the AR- 15 was equipped to hold 100 rounds of ammunition.

"This has a very high potential for a very volatile outcome," Kastigar said.

The suspect is a juvenile so sheriff's officials didn't release his name, however they did tell us he's facing some very serious adult charges such as:

  • Unlawful flight from law enforcement
  • Criminal damage
  • Hit and run
  • And weapons misconduct

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