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N4T Investigators: Missouri man claims he's been stuck in AZ for year for forced testimony

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Marvin Endres Subpoena

Marvin Endres showing subpoena

TUCSON (KVOA) - Tucson is the last place Marvin Endres says he wants to be.

Endres is from the Tucson area but moved to Missouri to try and move on from a horrible trauma he experienced in Pima County as a teenager more than 40 years ago. 

Endres said he was violently molested by a man when he was 16, the man he said has victimized many others over the years and has never been arrested for it. 

Endres said he spoke up and wanted justice but prosecutors at the time didn't move forward with the case because he was about to turn 17.

"I don't want people to think less of me then what I am. I told my brother if you see this story don't think less of me. It wasn't my fault," Endres said through tears.

He feels the "system" failed him and others for not moving forward.

Endres believed his record was sealed and tried to move on the best he could. Not even telling his own family about what happened. Endres said all of that changed last year when a private investigator began asking questions of his family, revealing to them his hard kept secret.

Endres said that P.I. was gathering information for the legal defense of Wayne Prince, who has been on death row for more than 20 years after murdering his step-daughter and attempting to murder his wife.

There is a case trying to get Prince off death row by the Arizona Capital Representation Project. Endres said he was subpoenaed last year to testify in that effort.

Endres said that Prince was allegedly molested by the same man who assaulted him and that is being used as an argument for what may have set Prince off, according to Endres.

Endres showed the News 4 Tucson Investigators the subpoena he received ordering him to appear to testify on April 20th, 2020 at the Maricopa County Superior Courthouse or be arrested. Endres said that date got pushed back not once but three times.

Endres said he has been waiting in Tucson to testify, never hearing any word from the court or the attorneys on if he is allowed to return to Missouri. 

Endres said he is about to become homeless going through almost all of his money.

I can't afford to keep coming back and forth, I'm not made of money. I am on permanent disability and work a part time job," Endres said.

The N4T Investigators spoke with multiple criminal attorneys in Tucson, who said Endres should have been free to return home after the first date was postponed.

We reached out to the lead defense attorney on the Prince case, Amy Armstrong who told us no witnesses are currently under subpoena and sent the following statement:

"We are in contact with all our witnesses and do our best to minimize their distress and inconvenience. No witness is ever required to live in any particular place in order to testify, and travel expenses are paid for witnesses who do not live in the Phoenix area."

But Endres said he has never heard anything back from Armstrong and said he certainly was never told about any travel compensation.

"I'm just trying to keep my life together and it's hard because day to day you don't know what's going to happen," Endres said. 

When we tried getting more information from Armstrong's staff they just repeated us back the written statement. They did not provide any proof of contact to disprove Endres's claims.

Armstrong said there is a "firm" hearing set for April 2022. Endres said he never heard about that date either.

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