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U.S. Department of Transportation awards Tucson new transit grant

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Tucson, Arizona skyline

Tucson, Arizona skyline

TUCSON — In early June the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded the City of Tucson a $950,000 Transit-Oriented Development Grant to support the development of opportunity zones along a planned Bus Rapid Transit corridor.

The corridor would extend from Downtown Tucson to the Sun Link Streetcar through the Oracle Avenue area, through the City of South Tucson, and continue to the Tucson International Airport.

Raúl M. Grijalva, an Arizona congressman said in a press release Thursday that the corridor would bring more opportunity and development to Tucson residents, and increase overall mobility and connectivity in the area.

Grijalva said the transportation funding will allow for the identification and development of denser, mixed-income and mix-use developments that would provide more opportunities for affordable housing and businesses in the area.

 "These dollars will help us advance our goals of improving mass transit, strengthen regional connections between our existing transportation systems, such as the Tucson International Airport, and move us one step closer to climate action," Regina Romero, Mayor of Tucson said in a press release Thursday.