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Tucson man suffers broken leg in javelina attack

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Huachuca City man injured after trying to stop javelina attack on his dog

File photo of javelina. 

TUCSON - (KVOA) Ross Tylor has lived in his central Tucson neighborhood near 22nd St.and Craycroft Rd. for 20 years.

Tylor tells News 4 Tucson on March 7 just before 7 a.m., he was walking his dog down the street from his home when it happened.

According to Tylor, several javelina came out of nowhere and charged at the 58-year-old.

"It's the scariest I've ever been in our neighborhood," he said.

Tylor suffered a broken leg.

He first reported the attack to authorities Thursday morning.

Mark Hart, a spokesman a the Arizona Game and Fish Department tells News 4 Tucson javelina do not know the difference between a dog and a coyote.

"Interactions between javelina and dogs are the second leading cause of javelina bites in Arizona," Hart said.

Second only to illegal feeding.

"It was another in what has become a quarter to every six month occurrence in Tucson," Hart said. "People come face to face with javelina while walking their dog. The javelina reacts instinctively to the dog and the person tries to protect its pet and gets hurt in the process."

Officials say if you see javelina in the area, immediately go the other way.

Tylor changed his walking schedule in the wake of the attack He wants his neighbors and the public to be extra careful.

"I'm pretty scared," Tylor said. "I don't do it {walk} after dusk anymore."

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