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“Recall Romero” rally sparks on Tucson’s east side

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TUCSON (KVOA) - On Saturday over 200 people gathered saying that they want Mayor Regina Romero recalled.

Supporters of the Recall Romero movement say they are upset with a couple of things. Maggie Michel, the event organizer, said they are already angry that churches and restaurants have had to close.

"In addition to that, mandating masks should be illegal," Michel said.

She told News 4 Tucson the mask mandate in as infringement of human rights. She said they want more than the mandate to be gone.

"I want to see a mayor in another election," Michel said." She's not supporting everybody she's supporting a faction of Tucson. A very small fraction."

Over at Lindy's on Fourth Avenue, one employee said the mask mandate isn't a problem.

"I'm not infringed by wearing a mask, it's uncomfortable but if it helps people and makes them feel more comfortable than I'll wear it," Charles Hageman said.

Mayor Romero is no stranger to controversy after several community members were upset about her not allowing them to paint a thin blue line in front of the Tucson Police Department headquarters.

We reached out to Mayor Romero on this story but did not hear back for comment.

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