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Local family honors late daughter, Victoria Arias, with all-new memorial

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TUCSON (KVOA) – Victoria Arias was just 18 years old when she passed away after drowning in her backyard pool in 2017. Now, her family is honoring her with a brand new memorial.

#ChooseHappy. That's the saying that the Arias family has lived by ever since Victoria passed away. Their all-new memorial is truly living out that saying.

"It's just a tribute to her. It's in the shape of a violin… she was a mariachi," said Victoria's father Mike Arias.

She is Victoria Arias. The tribute to her is an all new memorial in the backyard of the Arias household.

"We decided to take the pool out. And, as a replacement of the pool build a garden in her honor."

In 2017, Victoria was found in the bottom of their pool. Just days later, she passed away at the hospital. Creating the memorial is something that the Arias family has pondered for years but, this year, it came to life.

With a mission to help and empower the youth, the Victoria Arias Memorial Foundation is another way her legacy lives on.

"We have a great team behind us, we have a great board for the foundation."

And now, a great memorial for the Arias family to look at and see their daughter on a daily basis.

"It's good for her soul to do this labor of work and that's all we want to do in Victoria's honor," Arias added.

Mike also told News 4 Tucson that Victoria's dream was to be a surgeon as she wanted to save lives. Victoria ended up as an organ donor and saved four lives when she passed away.

To learn more about the Victoria Arias Memorial Foundation, click here.

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