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“It’s time for the Christmas Cheer Venmo Challenge!” Local woman gives back with the help of her TikTok followers.

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TUCSON (KVOA) – Here's a feel-good story for you on this New Year's Eve. With the help of TikTok, a local woman was able to raise money to buy supplies for people who are homeless in our community.

Jamie Randall went viral on TikTok a little bit ago and gained over 300,000 followers. So, she used that following to give back to the Tucson community.

Jamie posted a tik tok on November 26th calling for donations that she'd use to purchase supplies (such as deodorant, masks, water, wipes, etc.) for those who need them. She called it her "Christmas Cheer Venmo Challenge."

"It just started taking off. And, people from all over the world just started donating" she told News 4 Tucson.

Donating from a little bit of everywhere with the power of TikTok and Venmo. Jamie was able to raise around $640. Which helped her create 25 bags of supplies.

This random act of kindness is simply just Jamie during her free time, but another place you can spot her heart in action is at Marana Unified School District's Ironwood Elementary School where she's a Special Education Teacher.

"When I the TikTok I was surprised but I also wasn't surprised to see it because I know that's the kind of person she is" said Matt Randall, Jamie's Brother. "And, she's just willing to help anyone and everyone. She always puts herself before others."

So, News 4 Tucson joined Jamie at De Anza park while she delivered some of the supplies.

"I think there's a stigma… there's definitely a stigma," said Jamie. "I mean, they're people too, they have hearts too. It was amazing that a bunch of people can get together, from all around the world, and donate to something that would impact Tucson."

That's the power of social media and what one single person can do to impact our world right there. Jamie also told News 4 Tucson that her TikTok followers should expect a little bit of everything under the sun coming up in the new year.