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Joe Biden already making promises on immigration

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House Democrats introduced a bill Tuesday to provide a path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and people with other types of temporary immigration protections. Courtesy: NBC.

President-elect Joe Biden is making plans for big changes under his administration but when it comes to immigration, the former Vice President is already being judged by friends and foes on President Barack Obama's track record.

Joe Biden's top aide, Ron Klain, was recently quoted as saying, "We're going to protect the dreamers from day one", doubling down on a major campaign pledge. For Reyna Montoya, it's a huge relief to her and Arizona's 25,000 other DACA recipients, who have lived in fear of the Trump administration cutting off their protection from deportation.

"At the same time it was very bittersweet because I feel like I can catch my breath now", said Montoya, "But is he going to follow through on his commitments?"

Those doubts were sown by Biden's former boss, President Barack Obama, labeled by some as the "Deporter In Chief."

"I personally felt what it was like to have my dad separated from me during the Obama era.", Montoya said.

The Trump era defined by the president's 400-mile, multi-billion dollar border, wall with more construction in progress.

Joe Biden has said there will not be another foot of wall constructed in his administration. That Biden pledge might not go far enough for some supporters with many activists saying sections of the wall should come down because they encroach culturally or ecologically sensitive areas.

A third Biden pledge, opening America's doors to more refugees after the Trump administration virtually slammed them shut. Joe Biden pledging to expand those numbers from 15,000 right now to 125,000 annually.