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Good Samaritan assaulted, robbed after putting coat on man in NYC

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Good Samaritan

NEW YORK CITY (NBC News) - A good Samaritan who took off his own coat to put it on a man sleeping on a Manhattan sidewalk was viciously attacked for his effort, thrown to the ground, punched and robbed by the very man he was trying to help, police say.

Take a look at this video provided by a senior New York Police Department.

Courtesy NBC News Channel

It shows the good Samaritan, Sang Park, walk up to the stranger, who is sleeping on the sidewalk Wednesday morning, when it was still frigid out.

The video shows park take his coat off and captures him try to place it over the man.

That is when the man jumps up, throws park to the ground and grabs his wallet from his rear pocket. Park tries to take his wallet back and gets punched in the face multiple times. The suspect then runs off.

A man who happened to be driving by at the time stopped and called 911.

Police caught up with the man, identified as 25-year-old Xavier Israel of Ohio, a block away.

Israel was arrested on charges including robbery, grand larceny, assault, menacing and criminal possession of stolen property.

Arresting officers found about $1,500 stuffed in his pants.

This is the second time within a week Israel has been accused of attacking a good Samaritan.

A woman on the upper east side offered him help on Jan. 8 and he allegedly punched her in the face, authorities say.

Six days earlier, Israel allegedly attacked another person near central park. Those circumstances weren't immediately clear.

Those two assault arrests this month mark Israel's only history with the NYPD police said.

It's not clear if the Ohio man is homeless or just far from home, the department added.

He was arraigned in criminal court on Thursday.

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