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DIGGING DEEPER: Fact-checking Arizona election audit claims

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TUCSON (KVOA) - There were numerous claims made at Friday's audit results, but are they true?

News 4 Tucson's Digging Deeper Team dug into several claims made during the historic audit that are directly disputed by Maricopa County.

During Friday's presentation, it was claimed that 2,081 voters moved out of state proceeding election and is cause for concern.

Maricopa County says it performed a spot check using voter registration numbers that it says were associated with Cyber Ninjas' conclusion. No discrepancies were found

It was also claimed that 2,382 in-person voters had moved out of Maricopa County

Maricopa county rebuts that, saying in the limited time since receiving the audit report it has completed spot checks on the voter IDS provided it says no discrepancies were found in the voter registration system it says it could not find a single voter who had cast more than one ballot

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann stated that Maricopa County poll workers were at some point told to stop verifying signatures to speed things up.

Maricopa County responded saying at no point during the 2020 election cycle did they modify its signature verification process. Adding any suggestion to the contrary is categorically false.

One of the main auditors, Ben Cotton, said he could not say whether or not the tabulation equipment was connected to the internet during voting.

But Maricopa County says it can say for certain the tabulation equipment was never connected to a router or the internet and that two previous audits confirmed this.