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Attorneys praise AZ House Speaker Bowers after emotional testimony in front of Jan. 6 committee

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Attorneys praise AZ House Speaker Bowers after emotional testimony in front of Jan. 6 committee

Russell "Rusty" Bowers, Arizona State Representative, in the Jan. 6 committee Hearings IV on 6/21/2022, Photo Date: 6/21/2022

TUCSON (KVOA) — One day after Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers testified in front of the nation at the Jan. 6 hearings, two prominent Arizona attorneys in applaud Bowers for coming forward.

Bowers, a conservative Republican from Mesa, voted for former President Donald Trump in the fall of 2020.

"What we see is really how fragile Democracy is," attorney Dan Barr said. "In the end, it was dependent upon Rusty Bowers, people like Brad Raffensperger in Georgia and elsewhere to hold the line.

"If people are watching they can't help but understand how close we were to this attack on our democracy succeeding," former Pima County prosecutor Rick Unklesbay said.

Unklesbay believes there should be an investigation in Arizona to find out whether those leading a campaign to overturn the will of the voters should face criminal charges.

"I can't sit here as a prosecutor and say that there is sufficient evidence to charge or indict somebody right now," Unklesbay said. "But, certainly with Speaker Bowers testimony, there is sufficient evidence to impanel a grand jury to investigate whether criminal charges are appropriate."

"My greatest fear is that Jan. 6 was practice," Aaron Marquez, the co-founder of VetsForward said. "They were practicing for the next time there is a presidential election."

Marquez is an veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

"When I served in Afghanistan, I had each other's back whether you're a Democrat or Republican, from Arizona, New York City or Alabama," he said.

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