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Pima County officials working to get teens vaccinated

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TUCSON (KVOA) -- Arizona Department of Health Services is pushing for teens to get vaccinated since Pfizer opened its COVID-19 vaccine up to those 12 and older.

"We just learned that 50 percent of the 12-years and up in Pima County have actually now been fully vaccinated in just a matter of a few weeks, which is really great," Pima County Board Supervisor Dr. Matt Heinz said.

Over the weekend, Tucson Medical Center held a fiesta at Udall Park's vaccination to encourage teens to get the vaccine.

"I'll be in ninth grade, so it will be nice going into high school like it's kind of normal," Jordan Meininger said.

Meininger received her second shot at Udall park.

"I'd say it's really not that bad," Meininger said. "It's different for everybody, but mine was just kind of a sore arm and if you just kept moving it, then it wasn't that bad."

Meininger is visiting from out of state this summer. She said her school back home is requiring the vaccine.

"I did because I think to be able to go to my high school, you have to be vaccinated. Most of the school does," Meininger said. "So I'm really excited to go back in person."

According to AZDHS, nearly 300,000 people 65 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine here in Arizona. For those 20 years and younger, only around 63,000 people receiving the vaccine.

"Incredibly effective and safe vaccine that will prevent or dramatically lower the ability of this virus to be transmitted within schools," Dr. Heinz said.