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Oro Valley restaurant hosts political gathering while under Gov. Ducey’s executive order

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Chuy’s restaurant hosts political gathering

ORO VALLEY, Ariz. - Chuy's on Oracle Road has caught the attention of law enforcement after it recently received a call from Daniel McCarthy who is running for U.S. Senate and KNST radio talk show host, Garrett Lewis.

According to the eatery's owner, CJ Evenson, the two wanted to hold a public rally amid the COVID-19 restrictions.

"They called a couple days ago and said they wanted to have a rally here. So with everything going on, it is good for both parties," Evenson said.

Tuesday afternoon, several supporters gathered outside the restaurant that will soon be renamed as Baja Brothers.

"They are just out here trying to get supporters and having supporters meet. Share the same ideas on how everyone feels and stands politically," the owner said.

Gov. Ducey said restaurants will be allowed to open next week. But under his current Stay-At-Home executive order, it is illegal to gather in large groups.

"Gov. Ducey has a very tough job. He is trying to juggle many different things and getting information from experts and things," said Tucson resident, Brandon Martin. "But right now, it is about individual liberty and freedom of choice."

News 4 Tucson's Allie Potter asked Evenson if he thinks what happened at his restaurant is illegal.

"The short answer is no. I do not think it is illegal," he said. "We are all adults, congregating where we want to congregate."

According Oro Valley Police Department, no citations were given in connection to the gathering at this time. However, its officers did drive by to make sure the political event remained peaceful.

"I appreciate it. At this point in time with how long this thing has gone on, I think that is the correct step," Evenson said. "There is more dangerous activity going on elsewhere than congregating for business sake and political beliefs."

McCarthy said the government has no authority to tell Arizonans and local businesses what is essential and what is not essential.