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New York teachers rally against new vaccine mandate

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NY Teacher protest

NEW YORK CITY, NY. (NBC) - Some New York teachers are pushing back against their own union over new vaccine mandates, coming after a COVID-19 vaccine was fully approved by the FDA.

Teachers were at the forefront of a rally in New York City Wednesday afternoon, holding signs and speaking out against COVID-19 vaccines.

They say federal, state, and city vaccine mandates will force the COVID-19 shots on all organized labor including firefighters, nurses, police and teachers.

One teacher announced she would leave her union in order to avoid a vaccine mandate that would result in job losses, accusing the union of not fighting for the rights of teachers.

A high school teacher from Staten Island warned parents to take their children out of public schools, while another organizer called vaccine mandates "Blatant discrimination."

"These mandates and these oppressive policies turn you, our heroes, into zeros," said Mary Holland President of Children's Health Defense. "You can't keep your jobs. You won't be able to go into a gym or a ball game or a theater or a restaurant. This is blatant, irrational discrimination and it's unjust and unethical and it cannot stand."

High school teacher, Rachel, stated that this mandate is "disgusting."

"Parents need to pull their children out of public schools and there will be a lot of teachers available to fight and available to teach your kids at home," she said.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced Monday that all education staff must be vaccinated, setting a deadline for the end of September when more than 148,000 education staff must have their first COVID-19 shot.

Neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut also have a vaccine mandate for educators as well as California, Oregon, and Washington.