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As pandemic fatigue sets in, experts say we can’t let up

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TUCSON (KVOA) - For some of us who have been working from home since March, a feeling of isolation has become normalized.

Our social lives are still on pause and cherished times with older loved ones forced to go virtual.

“The fatigue is real,” Pima County Health Director Theresa Cullen said. “It’s real for all of us, it’s real for me. There’s days I just want to go hug a friend or go visit someone or engage in social activities that we’re not doing right now.”

Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Arizona are coming down, but Cullen argues that does not mean we can get complacent.

“What we need to understand is that the sacrifice and I would say it’s a sacrifice right now to abide by the recommendations to help control the pandemic, need to be seen in a longer-term perspective,” Cullen said.

What does this new normal look like for us when we get out of this?

“We don’t know what that normal is going to look like,” Dr. Susan Hughes, a family medicine physician said. “We do know it’s not going to be going and seeing the latest blockbuster in a packed movie theater.”

Cullen fears a perfect storm that could prove to be a big setback in our state’s long path to progress.

“The perfect storm here could be reopening schools because our state of transmission seems to be stable,” she said. “The university has brought people back and students elect, for lots of different reasons, to not be compliant with the recommendations. Influenza season comes and there’s a delay in the vaccine.”

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