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4 hours 23 minutes ago

Partial solar eclipse happening today

TUCSON - While not total, a solar eclipse will happen this afternoon over southern Arizona. Today's partial solar eclipse will obscure 31% of the sun, according to UA's Flandrau Science Center. The eclipse will start at 2:27 PM, peak by 3:42 PM and end by 4:47 PM. A few cirrus clouds are expected, according to News 4 Meteorologist Jeff Beamish, but mostly sunny skies will prevail this afternoon. High temps reach the low 90's. As a reminder, do not stare directly at the sun to view it. Either purchase a solar viewer (available at Flandrau or Starizona) or poke a hole out of a piece of cardboard & view on another piece of paper. Click here for a livestream of today's solar eclipse from UA Mount Lemmon SkyCenter. (Photo courtesy: Sean Parker)

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