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Baby hit by softball arrives home after 40 days in hospital

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WAVERLY (KWWL) - Update, Monday, June 11, 8:58 p.m.

McKenna is now home!  She was released from the hospital this afternoon.  KWWL will continue to follow her recovery and progress. 

Also, yesterday McKenna turned 3 months old.  This was posted to the Healing for McKenna Facebook page yesterday:

"Happy 3 month birthday to McKenna!!!

McKenna had an uneventful day today. She spent her day sleeping most of the time, but when she was awake she was content.

It sounds like tomorrow is the day! Everything points to McKenna being 100% ready to go home! Unless something completely unexpected happens between now and then, she'll be released sometime after Noon tomorrow!

What a great way to celebrate your month-day!"


Update, Friday, June 8, 3:30 p.m.

Posted to the Healing for McKenna Facebook page this morning:

"Good morning from Iowa!

I know that all of you are as excited about McKenna being able to come home on Monday as we are! WOW! Has it ever been a journey!

We are so thankful to each and every one of you for your kind comments, private messages of support, your willingness to share your own stories, the cards and letters, thoughtful gifts and most importantly, the millions of prayers that have been offered up on McKenna's behalf. We don't know what we would have done without you! It's hard to believe that a little FB page that was started to update family and friends on our baby girl grew into a loving community of over a quarter of a million followers from around the world! We are still in awe of God's greatness! When God moves, He moves big league!

To show our love to Lee, Kassy and McKenna we would love for you all to join us in tying a green ribbon around a tree (or trees) in your yard. We'd especially appreciate it if the towns of Waverly and Shell Rock would welcome home McKenna in this way! It would be so awesome for them to see as they make their way home on Monday!

Why GREEN? Green is the color for Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness. We're learning a lot of new things about this brave group of men, women and children who live with the after affects of brain injury every day. In the United States alone, about 2.8 million TBI-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths occur each year. Who knew?! If one good thing can come from McKenna's injury, it will be that there is more awareness about the struggle these individuals face every day to lead their lives.

Please join us in raising awareness for this silent battle that these warriors face each day, by GOING GREEN FOR MCKENNA! If you do, please share your pictures with us and each other right here ??. We love you guys and can never thank you enough for being here with us!"


Update, Monday, May 28 2:50 p.m.

Posted to the Healing for McKenna Facebook page minutes ago:

"Ok, kind of a lot to update today. McKenna had a great night, we had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, but once she did (about 1 am) she was out till about 4:30. She then stayed awake for about five hours before she snoozed off doing therapy.

Over the night Mckenna's resting heart rate was a little lower than what they like for her age. Everything else like her BP, respirations, and perfusion were great so it was nothing to be concerned about. But, we did get an EKG today just to double check. I’m still waiting for the results on that.

This morning we did see what could have been possible signs of seizures. We hit our little signaling button when they happened. Neuro came up and reassured us that they did not see any seizure activity in the EEG. That was a very big relief. They also said the EEG continues to look great. Her phenobarbital is now decreased from 12 hours to once a day (or every 24 hours). They want to keep her on this dose for 2 days (till Wednesday night) and then we will discontinue it, as long as no activity shows up! At that time we will look into transitioning her back to breast milk from the keto diet. Tomorrow, McKenna will be seen for a swallow study to try and get the G-Tube taken out. It sounds like we could be looking at possibly Thursday getting the EEG leads taken off.

Big changes in her today, her cry is just a little louder than yesterday. She has a very strong cough to help clear the secretions in her throat. She still sounds a little funky in her chest, but that will take time as her throat continues to heal. ENT came in this morning and they were not worried about it. Also, after she started waking up from the coma and coming off the sedation meds, her eyes favored her right side. She seemed to always look to the right and kind of struggled to look straight or to the left. Today, she is looking all over! We are just moving her head in different positions to try and force her to look in a different direction and she is handling it great! Her eyes still aren’t totally back to normal, she does still have some eye twitching and they do sometimes go cross eyed or in different directions, but this could all take time. It has been confirmed that it is not seizure related, it could still be from some swelling, and it could be some vision issues that we will have to work on with therapy. Only time will tell with this little girl!

Just over night, we have heard multiple times that she likes to keep everyone on their toes... Nothing new has changed in that aspect from the PICU. They said the same thing! She is very unpredictable and particular!

Thank you all so much for what you are doing for her and us, as well. We are still enjoying the cards and gifts that everyone has been sending. We are overjoyed with love from all of you!  -Kassy"


Posted to the Healing for McKenna Facebook page on Sunday, May 27 at 9:43 p.m.:

"Wow, it’s been a really busy day!! We got all moved and situated. We are still at the hospital, we just moved to a regular pediatric floor instead of being in the PICU. We are definitely going to miss ALL the staff from the PICU! They have been “family” to us since we got here. McKenna had to be 1-1 there so we got to know all her nurses very well. Today, they were all very sad to see us go. But don’t worry, we will be back up to visit everyone. We could not have asked for a better experience here.

McKenna did great today! She sounds sooo much better today with her breathing. She pretty much slept ALL day, so tonight should be very interesting. Here we can work on getting her days and nights back to normal because we can have it darker in her room and they won’t be bothering her as often anymore. It’s also going to be a peak of reality because her care is pretty much all up to us now (nurses still do her meds and all that stuff, but we can be more involved with her baby care needs now that she isn’t hooked up to everything). This is going to help us transition into the life we are going to experience going back home.

She is still hooked up to the EEG and will be until they wean her off the phenobarbital. She is currently taking it every 12 hours. There is word of them switching it to once a day tomorrow if everything still looks good. But, nuro will determine all of that in the morning. Today marks one week since her last seizure.

Our next part of this journey is going to be therapy. Getting her strength back and working on anything she needs help with from the accident. Also, we will work on feeding. She will have a swallow study some time this week, and we will see if we can get her off the keto diet and back to taking breast milk. Once she handles that ok, we can work on possibly going back to breastfeeding again!!!!

She has come sooo far in just the 3 days of getting her off the vent! Today, she seemed like a whole new baby to me from just yesterday!!! I can’t wait to continue to see how she blows our minds with the progress she is making!

Much love from ALL of our family, ??-Kassy"

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