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4 Your Health: the key to longevity; debunking man-flu; link to moon and motorcycle crashes

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Many people believe a full moon causes chaos and unusual behavior. And while that's only a myth the bright sky may increase the risk of deadly motorcycle crashes.

Researchers from the University Of Toronto looked at 40 years of accident data in the U.S. The study found there was a higher number of fatal motorcycle crashes on nights with a full moon. The risk of accidents was even *higher* during a brighter *supermoon*.

Experts suggest bikers should be aware of these possible distractions and ride with extra care during a full moon.

Men not so wimpy

Another new study suggests the so-called "man- flu" may be *real.

Canadian scientists wanted to see if men really are wimpy or if they actually do get sicker than women. They found some evidence that men have weaker immune systems than their female peers.

Men are also more likely to be hospitalized for flu and other respiratory illnesses.

Positive attitude is key to a long life.

Researchers studied a group of adults in their 90's living in rural Italy.

Despite their physical ailments they had many common psychological traits. They were optimistic, hard working, stubborn, and had a love of their land that gave them purpose.

In fact, many were still working in their homes and farms every day.

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