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4 Your Health: Opting for bunion surgery

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Tucson- You've heard the expressions, "Oh my achin' feet" and "my dogs are barkin'" that people use when they complain about foot pain. For some, especially women, the source of that pain comes from having bunions. But surprisingly many are hesitant to seek help to get relief. 

While bunions can be a result of genetics or a medical condition, most form by wearing narrow fitting shoes, like high heels, over an extended period of time. Surgery can correct the problem but according to Dr. Alan Shih, with Head To Toe Healthcare, in many cases... people continue to suffer instead of seeking treatment

"There's a lot of stories out there that it takes a year to recover from bunion surgery or you'll have continual pain afterward, or it was a bad decision.

Dr. Shih said he understands why people may fear having bunion surgery because it involves an operation on your feet. The bunion forms as a bump on the side of the big toe joint. It worsens as the bone continues to turn in, encroaching the other toes. Dr. Shih said bunion surgery corrects the condition.

"Typically we shave some of that bone down, and often times there is a cut in the bone to shift the bone over", said Shih, "You have to release some of the tissue in the area to release the toe, often time when you shift the toe it is fixated with a screw."

According to Dr. Shih, If the procedure and the treatment that follows are done correctly the pain is kept to a minimum and most patients are completely healed and back on their feet in six to 8 weeks.

Diane Evans suffered with bunions on both of her feet for years. Despite having her own reservations about the surgery, when one of the bunions developed a cyst on top of it she knew it was time to have the procedure done and  is now glad she did.

"I can see the difference in my foot, the straightness, how he straightened it out", said Evans, "I can see once the swelling goes down, it's going to be pretty much, it'll be back to normal."

Dr. Shih knows that making the decision to have the surgery can be difficult but the results can be amazing.

"it's exciting to see people's lives change and people that have had pain for a long time and getting back to driving and doing the things they love to do.

Diane Evans said she is now planning to have the bunion corrected on her other foot. For more information on bunion surgery click here.

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