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4 Your Health: Golfers turning to chiropractors to stay in the game

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Tucson- Golf remains one of the most popular activities for people living and visiting Tucson. Unfortunately with the game comes the aches and pains of repeatedly swinging a club.

Every time a golfer takes a swing from the tee box, up to 10 times that person's body weight is compressed on to their spine. And whether you're a duffer or a pro, most will eventually experience back pain and other injuries to their bodies. That is why many are turning to chiropractors to keep them straight.

Jordan Spieth has emerged as one of the best golfers in the world. Dr. Adam Molden, with The Fix Chiropractic, said part of Speith's formula for success includes taking care of his body off the course and he is not alone 

"Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy have their personal chiropractors on their tour with them and they are a very important part of the team", Molden said, "Making sure their bodies are in line and making sure they are not in pain while they are playing."

But it's not just the pro's who are realizing what a chiropractor can do for your golf game.  According to Molden, 4 out of 5 golfers will have have some sort of back or neck pain sometime in their career. He adds, the repetitive mechanics of swinging a golf club over and over puts tremendous strain on the human body. While most of the patients he treats, who play golf, have back issues many suffer from chronic pain in their shoulders arms and legs. In most cases, said Molden, that pain can be relieved and even eliminated with consistent chiropractic treatment.

"If you have proper alignment of the skeletal structure you are going to have less wear and tear over time", said Molden, "Less wear and tear means less injuries, less prone to injuries and less damage on the body." 

Nicholas Casler is an avid golfer and a patient at The Fix Chiropractic.  He said regular treatments keep him on course.

"I come in once a week", Casler said, "For me it keeps me straight, helps my alignment when I am playing golf and it's made it to where after playing, as much as we play, I don't have the soreness that I had before."

For more information on chiropractic treatment for golfers click here.

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