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A local radio PSA urges people to hide their child pornography

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Benson residents say they’re “disgusted” after hearing a public service announcement that urges people to “hide” their child pornography.

"It's wrong, it should be taken down, it's sickening,” said Jeanne Dyer, who lives in Benson.

The PSA has been broadcasting on CAVE 97.7 FM for two years in the midnight and early morning hours.

Paul Lotsof owns and manages the Benson-based radio station. The PSA is part of his own agenda.

An excerpt from the PSA states “Never keep paper pictures, tapes or films of naked juveniles where anyone else can find them. A public service message from the CAVE 97.7 FM.”

Lotsof disagrees with Arizona’s laws on child pornography.

In Arizona law, it’s called “Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.” It’s a Class 2 Felony and 10-24 year prison sentence per violation.

Penalties are intensified if the child is under 15 years old.

“There's no picture in the world that's that dangerous,” Lotsof said.

Lots of noted there’s nothing wrong with possessing such images.

"Pictures of whatever you want to call them. They're minors, they're pictures of minors and you go to prison for the rest of your life for possessing them,” he said.

Will Edington moved to Benson from Douglas.

“It (PSA) took me by surprise right off the bat. We actually had to stop and listen to the whole thing. Trying to get a grasp on what he's really saying,” Edington said.

In 2003, Morton Berger, a former Phoenix-area high school teacher was convicted of possessing 20 pornographic images of children.

He’s currently serving a 200-year prison sentence.

Brittany Martinez and Jordan Lehman are mothers.

"I think a little more than a slap on the wrist needs to be done. Investigating, like who thought it'd be okay to post that I don't know,” they said.

Officials with the Federal Communication Commission tell News 4 Tucson there’s no regulation explicitly stating what can or cannot be aired when it comes to public service announcements.

As for Lotsof, he maintains his position that state and federal laws need to be changed. He claims he’s doing the community a service.

Lotsof said there’s a difference between distribution and creation of child porn and possession.

"The difference is one case, you're molesting children and abusing them, causing children to do things that are not natural for children to do and the other case, they're just possessing pictures. There's no connection between those two,” he said.

When asked if he possesses child porn, Lotsof said no but emphasized he wouldn’t admit to it even if he did.

There’s a petition online at change.org with over 100 signatures calling for the shutdown of CAVE 97.7 FM.

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