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Crime Trackers: Convicted burglar back behind bars

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A convicted burglar is back behind bars after Pima County Sheriff’s Department detectives said they have caught Micah Schaad once again.

Schaad is accused of breaking into dozens of homes in the Foothills last year. Most of incidents occurred in gated communities.

Detectives said a home surveillance video from October showed 33-year-old Schaad crawling on the floor to avoid detection.

He was arrested and indicted on 30 counts, including burglary, trafficking property, child abuse and fraud. Schaad had already been in prison for burglary.

In November, Schaad attended a hearing at superior court. A judge lowered his $57,000 bond to $2,500. He posted the 10 percent in cash, walked out of jail and was back on the streets.

“It’s just a huge disappointment that he was let out,” said burglary victim, David Henry.

Henry and his wife were some of the victims of Schaad’s alleged four month crime spree. Detectives said the spree lasted from July to September. He was finally arrested in October after he stole over $200,000 worth of jewelry and cash. Schaad was behind bars for one month.

Court transcripts from November and December details why Judge Scott Rash agreed to lower the bond. It also showed why he allowed the convicted felon to go back on the streets despite the objection from the Pima County Attorney’s Office.

On Dec. 7, the prosecutor, Matthew Eklund, made a motion to Judge Rash to reconsider the modification due to new information.

Eklund told the judge "the bases were he has to take care of the kids and that he has a job. The release condition did not have any kid of contact with victims, which it really has to have considering the number of victims in the case and the fact that the children are some of the victims."

Eklund said he "does not think it is appropriate to have such a dramatic reduction in the bond based on a factor which is nonexistent."

Public Defender Elena Kay assured the judge that no one mislead him. She explained that her client is accused of bringing the children with him on a burglary. She also told the court that after Schaad’s ex-wife found out that Schaad had been released, she filed for an order of protection, which now prevents Schaad from seeing the kids.

“We don’t understand how that made sense, to let somebody so dangerous out again in public,” said Henry.

Burglary detective Hans Goritz is the case detective. He is also frustrated.

“After getting his bond reduced, he went back to doing what he does best,” said Goritz. “In this case, it’s breaking into houses.”

Immigration Customs Enforcement also tracked Schaad’s license plate on Interstate 19.

“We found out that Mr. Schaad had actually been leaving the country while out on bond,” said Goritz.

This was clearly another violation of his conditions of release. On Jan. 19, it all came to an end again.

“Ultimately through a combination of patrol, directed patrol and criminal investigations division, and through some surveillance, we were able to catch Mr. Schaad red-handed,” said Goritz.

Goritz said they pulled the 33-year-old felon over near Colossal Cave. He had just reportedly burglarized a house. Some of the stolen items were in the vehicle he was driving.

“We had enough evidence to arrest him and also to convince a judge he should be held without bond after his most recent arrest,” said Goritz.

“What’s the next move by our system? To let him out again? Who knows,” said Henry.

Judge Rash said he cannot comment on the case as it is ongoing. Schaad also declined to comment.

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