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N4T Investigators: Homeowners say HOA is not responding to their needs

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The News 4 Tucson Investigators have been looking into allegations of a homeowner's association not listening to the people it's supposed to represent.

The friction between this board and some residents has even led to a call to law enforcement.

Skyline Village Condominiums are billed as luxury condos in the Catalina Foothills. But some residents say dealing with its board of directors is anything but a luxury.

Andrew Taylor moved in last spring. He wants to be more involved with decisions the board makes but hasn't been able to because he doesn't know when the meetings happen.

"They are not compliant with the Arizona open meetings law. They are not compliant with anything regarding notices," Taylor said.

In fact, Taylor says it's been a long time since the last meeting.

“And we still now in 2016, have not had our annual 2015 meeting."

He shared with the News 4 Tucson Investigators a letter about those meetings. It reads in part: "The board members have been reluctant to hold meetings for the past few months due to negative experiences with a vocal minority of community members."

Taylor and three of his neighbors say they're part of that vocal minority. They pay $165 a month in HOA fees. They say it's not worth it.

“We wouldn't be getting our money's worth if it was just $1.65," Taylor said.

Marie Daniels lives just beneath Taylor. She says when she complained about the board, a lawyer responded with this:

"... that are potentially injurious to his reputation exposes you to a claim of defamation," she read from the letter.

Daniels even filed an order of protection against a board member after she said she was assaulted. According to a November report from the Pima County Sheriff's Department, she told deputies the board member pushed her out of the communal library as the retired English instructor tried to pick up a tattered copy of My Fair Lady. Deputies reviewed video and wrote that it appeared Daniels was shoved twice. No arrests were made.

A massive roof project to all the buildings is underway on the property. But Daniels said without explanation the cost nearly doubled.

“I personally was told by Paul Ash Management that there might be a few hundred dollar assessment. I can't afford that, we can't afford that," Daniels said.

The property management company seems to have backed down from that, residents are now paying only an extra $15 a month. Paul Ash Management CEO Bruce Ash declined an on-camera interview but sent us this statement:

“The annual meeting of skyline village condominium association was held at 5:30 p.m. on January 15, 2016.  Homeowner attendance was good. The meeting lasted two hours with reports from the current board of directors, an open forum for homeowners to voice their needs and concerns, and the election of the 2016 board of directors.

"The chairperson of the meeting (the association’s secretary) acknowledged that homeowners desire greater transparency and information from the board in the future and promised regularly scheduled board meetings plus an updated website to keep homeowners better informed.

"Three current board members ran for re-election and all of them were elected along with two new members.

"During the meeting, homeowners were provided with a detailed financial report and an update on the almost completed parapet and roof repair project. The volunteer board members, especially the association’s treasurer, have spent many hours implementing and overseeing this repair project and have periodically updated the homeowners.

"Some of the homeowners present at the annual meeting offered criticisms and suggestions. The board promised to consider the input at its board meetings during the coming year. The first meeting scheduled for the new board is scheduled for January 26, 2016.”
Ash said the board suspended meetings after a May meeting “because of the unpleasantness and disruptive behavior exhibited by some of the homeowners at board meetings. However, the day-to-day operations continued and the residents had open communication with the on-site maintenance person and the community manager who works for Paul Ash Management Company LLC.

All of the members of the new skyline village condominium association board are committed to conducting regular meetings in 2016 and enhanced communication," he wrote.

Another condo owner David Proterra says his needs have been neglected for years.

“I've been in my condo eight and a half years and in those eight and a half years, I've had seven different leaks, water coming in," he said.

Proterra said the HOA tried to make him pay for repairs to his ceiling himself. He hopes the work being done now will keep his ceilings dry.

Those complaining now tell us they're going to run for the board of directors themselves. If you have a tip for the News 4 Tucson Investigators, email investigators@kvoa.com or call 955-4444.

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