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N4T Investigators: Disabled or Deadbeat: UPDATE

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© This past December we found Orban outside of his mother's house putting up Christmas decorations. He's bending his back and balancing on one leg. © This past December we found Orban outside of his mother's house putting up Christmas decorations. He's bending his back and balancing on one leg.

BENSON- It's a News 4 Tucson Investigators follow up story for you about parents wanting help, and they're not getting it. Some parents right here in Arizona are owed thousands of dollars in unpaid child support. One mother in Benson is told her ex can't pay child support because he's disabled.

"It's very insulting and it makes me feel like he has no desire to even help with anything," said Kim Elsayad, who tells us how heartbreaking it is for her raising a son on her own.

"My son is getting ready to drive that should be something a father would love to show his son how to do," said Elsayad. "He's missing out on everything."

Kim is talking about Cary Orban, also known as Mike. Court documents show he's ordered to pay $187 a month. But the N4T Investigators found out through state papers, he's paid less than $3500 to Kim over the nearly 16 years their son has been alive. The vast majority has come in the form of interest and arrears. Since 2013 those payments became not only irregular but almost non existent. The last payment on file was May 21, 2014 in the amount of $175.

"It's hard to see the hurt in my son's eyes," said Elsayad.

We asked her, "why doesn't your ex pay child support?"

"He claims he's disabled, he says that he hurt his back in a wreck," said Elsayad.

But she says he hasn't provided paperwork to her or the courts to confirm this.

To add insult to injury, Kim came across his social media profiles. On his "Plenty of Fish" dating profile, he lists "boating" "hiking" and "motocross" as some of his interests. His Facebook cover photo dated December 5, 2014 he talks about his "new toy" he purchased a couple of months ago. This past December we found Orban outside of his mother's house putting up Christmas decorations. He's bending his back and balancing on one leg.

"He can't sit, he can't work, he can't do nothing," said Orban's mother, who answered the door when we went to his house to ask him about his failure to pay child support. We were told he wasn't available. His mother told us her son was disabled and required to walk with a cane. We then showed her our evidence which shows her son walking without a cane.

We asked, "what do you have to say for that?"

"Nothing," she said.


"Nothing," she repeated.

We never did hear from him but his mother later called the N4T Investigators to tell us her son had a court date in March that would prove his disability. Months went by, and we never heard from them. In July, Kim contacted the Department of Economic Security to see if Orban sent in any paperwork of if there were any changes to the case. D.E.S. wrote "records show do not show that the documents have been received." Records also said the case is still "open" and Orban now owes nearly $6,000.

Fast forward to two weeks ago where we called Orban. His mother answered the phone and told us her son was driving around and running errands for her. She said her son was in a lot of pain and needed surgery.

When we asked if they could provide the documents, his mother agreed to fax them over, but we never received them. After several attempts to get Orban's side of the story for several months, and his proof of disability our calls were not returned. But hours before the story aired, Orban called the N4T Investigators. We asked him if he'd give us an on camera interview, and he said he refuses to do on camera interviews. Orban did go on to tell us he's in bad shape and just got out of the hospital. He says that's why it took him so long to get back to us. Orban also said he would provide us with documents to prove he's been in constant communication with D.E.S. about his disability case. However, we're still waiting on those papers.

"I've been fighting for a long time and I'm getting nowhere," said Elsayad.

Kim said she had to take on a second job to try and make ends meet. While Kim says the task of trying to get Orban to pay up seems daunting, she says she's not going to give up fighting for her son.

We contacted D.E.S. for comment on the case, but officials declined to comment and cited confidentiality laws. We did confirm Kim's case is just one of nearly 178,000 across the state where a parent is required to pay child support through D.E.S.

If you have a story for the N4T Investigators email investigators@kvoa.com or call the tipline 520-955-4444.


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