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Sheldon GoldsteinRather than being a large firm attempting to be everything to everyone, Goldstein & Scopellite, PC focuses our efforts and our representation to specific areas of the law that have allowed our attorneys to preserve success and master those legal issues. As a boutique law firm, our attorneys have the time to listen to our clients needs and to respond, either by acting to protect rights or to make your position known to the opposing party or to the court. 

Our firm's Divorce lawyers, Family law attorneys, Immigration lawyers, Trial lawyers, Commercial Litigation attorneys, Litigation attorneys, Business and Commercial law attorneys, Probate attorneys, Estate Planning lawyers, Wills and Trusts lawyers and Bankruptcy attorneys are qualified and they know the law. We also know how to argue the law, "we think outside the box," and we offer our clients a high level of experience and expertise in each of the areas of the law that we practice.







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