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Aug 19, 2010 1:27 PM

Zebra at Reid Park Zoo euthanized

TUCSON - A 30-plus year old zebra at the Reid Park Zoo was euthanized Saturday night.

"Abbey", a Grevy's Zebra, was put down after careful medical consideration by her Zoo Keepers, Supervisors and the Zoo veterinarian. She was under treatment by the Zoo veterinarian after demonstrating difficulty eating and drinking. A preliminary necropsy (postmortem examination) confirmed age-related issues and final results are expected in several weeks.

Abbey, born in 1980, came to Reid Park Zoo from Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo in 1988. Thirty is considered extremely elderly for this species.

"Reid Park Zoo has several animals that we now consider geriatric," says Susan Basford, Zoo Administrator. "We provide the best care possible until the end, and this was no exception. I am very proud of the way the team addressed this animal's needs this weekend."

Grevy's zebras are endangered animals and the placement of this species in zoos is organized through a Species Survival Plan (SSP), which is a cooperative population management and conservation program.

No decision has been made to acquire an additional zebra at this time.

The Zoo's remaining zebras are doing well and are on exhibit daily.
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