Mar 27, 2014 12:30 PM by Ryan Haarer

YWCA serving up cups of coffee and confidence

TUCSON- A few months ago the lobby of the YWCA was pretty bare. Walk in the doors now and you'll see art on the walls and a coffee shop pumping out lattes, pastries, and confidence.

Yolanda Anton helps run the YWCA Café. A mother of three children she came to the YWCA to find work. She found more than a job.

"With the YWCA I have tremendous confidence that I can accomplish anything that I want," said Anton.

She now helps run the YWCA's new café which they hope will be a self sustaining non-profit.

"Food is such a great vehicle for building relationship and for building community," said Liane Hernandez, community life director at YWCA.

In September she hopes to have ten young women in training at the café. Liane is looking for women 18 to 24 years old who are aging out of foster care or leaving incarceration.

"My dream is that we turn out awesome, awesome girls who are knowledgeable, who are self confident, who understand what to do with their money and save it and that they are good employees," said Hernandez.

Good employees like Yolanda who, with the confidence she's gained, plans to get her master's degree in nutrition.


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