Dec 17, 2012 8:11 PM by Erika Flores

Yard sales, junk cars on resident properties on agenda for Tucson city council

TUCSON- The city said it's been a rule since the 1990s but not many people know about it.

We're talking about yard sales restrictions.

The city is trying to clarify the restrictions by adding them to the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.

Most people we spoke to didn't know it was against the rules to have more than four yard sales in a year, or have it more than three days in a row.

According to the city, it's against the rules and enforceable, but by adding it to the ordinance it'll make the public even more aware.

Victor Garcia shops at yard sales every weekend.

"I like to find bargains like everyone else and unusual things," said Garcia.

He said he gets frustrated when there are repeats.

"A lot of people just have them over and over and over again," said Garcia.

Part of the amendment to the city's Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance would restrict how many times someone can have a yard sale at their home.

"If you've got people just repeating the yard sale it's not about getting rid of their stuff, so you're really not going to get bargains out of those," said Garcia.

More than two yard sales in a three month period, more than three in a six month period and more than four in a year are not allowed.

"So they don't turn it in to a business. We get a lot of complaints about perpetual yard sales," said Teresa Williams with code enforcement.

She said there's been a directive since 1995 restricting the number of yard sales in Tucson, but since it's not in the ordinance, residents are not familiar with it.

"It just makes things clearer for everybody. By using the directive, the public can't go to the ordinances to see what they rules are," said Williams.

The Tucson city council will discuss these amendments Tuesday as well as rules on driveways, commercial vehicles and junk cars on resident properties.


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