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Jul 15, 2012 7:57 PM

Wounded hero gets a home

TUCSON - After going through so many struggles, the McGowan family says it's nice to have a place to finally call home.

The McGowan family recently received the keys to a beautiful three bedroom home.

"It's amazing," said Jason McGowan.

It's been donated to them mortgage free from Wells Fargo and Military Warriors Support Foundation.

It's a token of appreciation for McGowan's service to our country.

"This country is beginning to realize that we owe them a lot, and we're starting to pay back with these organizations," said General Leroy Sisco, founder of Military Warriors Support Foundation.

McGowan served in the army from 1996 to 2002 then joined the Arizona National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan where he sustained a severe leg injury.

"Maybe in the next 36 months, I'll probably lose my leg. But that's okay because my family is taken care of. That's all that matters," said McGowan.

He was medically retired in 2009, and as a result from his service, suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, but McGowan said a gift like this marks a new beginning.

"It's such a blessing from God," he said.

The foundation's goal is to give away one thousand homes to wounded Veterans over the next three years.

It's founder said 300 have already qualified.

"I need 700 more, and they just don't believe they can get a mortgage free and a gift tax free home, so they don't apply," said General Sisco.

But he said believe it.

Dreams can come true.

To see if you can qualify for a free home click here:


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