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Sep 15, 2010 1:44 AM

Workers afraid to take time for vacation

TUCSON - A new survey by Reuters shows only 12-percent of the French didn't use their full vacation time last year.
23-percent of the Brits skipped some vacation.
But an astonishing 43-percent of Americans avoided taking their full vacation this year.

Human Resources professionals say not only do vacation-avoiders need the money, many don't want to fall behind at work, and possibly lose their job now.

They say people here in the United States are having to do a lot more with a lot less, colleagues have been laid off, and we have to do more work than we did two years ago.

Professor Stephen Gilliland at the U-of-A's Eller College of Management says American workers can afford vacations, but many feel it's just too risky to be away from work.

He said we feel less secure than we used to, our home's not worth as much, we see our friends being laid off, and we're just fearful. And there's this thought, if I'm away from the office, maybe they won't miss me. and if they don't, then am I going to be the next one to go.

But Professor Gilliland says skipping vacation can backfire, making you less patient, creative, and productive.


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