Mar 11, 2014 8:31 PM

Wife accused of abusing vulnerable husband

A Tucson wife is behind bars Tuesday night, suspected of threatening to kill her husband- then not taking care him.

The wife, 59-year-old Martha Wisely Haynes, is charged with vulberable adult abuse.

Sheriff's deputies were alerted after being called to the hospital by the son. Deputies found the husband, Herbert Haynes, being treated in the their Catalina home and was in poor condition.

Deputies believe his wife Martha is responsible for that condition. A search warrant details why detective went to Catalina to check on Herbert.

A family member was concerned about one of their patients being intentionally poisoned or over dosed by another family member.

According to the document, on March 1, detectives found Herbert Haynes to be "very pale and was eating his own feces."

Doctors determined his illness was caused by an overdose of Tramadol, which caused his kidneys to shut down.

Martha told detectives that her husband had suffered from his ailments and the his life would be better if he passed away. One month prior, detectives said Martha alluded to Herbert getting his medication with his coffee.

Martha also mentioned during an argument, according to the search warrant, that "I am going to put a whole lot of medication in his coffee and be done with him."

Detective say they found no direct evidence that there was any intent on Martha's part to give her husband medication without his knowledge.

The couple has been together for over 20 years. Haynes suffers from a variety of medical issues but none are terminal.

Detectives say there was evidence that Martha Haynes failed to provide Herbert with his basic medical needs.


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