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Jun 23, 2012 12:48 AM

Well known Tucson attorney reacts to Sandusky trial

TUCSON - Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of molesting 10 boys over 15 years.

The former Penn State assistant football coach was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts. He was taken to a Pennsylvania jail to wait for sentencing in three months.

Tucson defense attorney Michael Piccarreta has represented clients in high-profile cases. He defended accused polygamist Warren Jeffs. Jeffs' charges in Arizona were dismissed.

"Molestation cases are probably the most difficult to defend," Piccarreta said. "It really takes some good evidence to turn a case like that around."

Piccarreta does not believe the media influenced the outcome.

"There's a lot of argument about it," Piccarreta said, "but the jurors do a pretty good job of figuring it out."

Piccarreta does not necessarily believe leaving Sandusky off the witness stand was a bad idea.

"Even the most honest, sincere person," Piccarreta said, "might not fare well under cross examination."

Sandusky's attorneys have promised to appeal.


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