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Sep 28, 2012 8:07 PM by Faye DeHoff

Warning from FDA about online pharmacies

WASHINGTON, DC - A warning for consumers about fake online pharmacies from the Food and Drug Administration.

An F-D-A survey shows a quarter of people who make online purchases, also order prescription drugs over the internet.

But according to the F-D-A, few online pharmacies are reputable, meeting state and federal laws. Regulators say consumers should only buy pharmaceuticals online if the website requires a valid doctor's prescription, is based in the U-S, and is licensed by the patient's state board of pharmacy. Websites that don't meet these requirements may be sending sub-par medications.

Margaret Hamburg, M.D., and FDA Commissioner, says,
"You might get a product that's counterfeit, that's substandard and doesn't have all of the active pharmaceutical ingredient that you need. You might get a product that's expired and won't work the way it should. You might get a product that's contaminated."

The F-D-A has set up a website to check out online pharmacies. Just go to:
Also, for more information, go to the FDA's website at:


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