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Jul 31, 2012 9:22 PM

Warehouse house fire keeps crews busy a second day

TUCSON - The clean-up and investigation continues after a huge fire that caused $1 million in damage to a south side warehouse.

It happened on east 24th St, near 22nd Street and Fourth Avenue Monday night.

The fire was so intense, flames were shooting hundreds of feet into the air. It was so bad firefighters said after hours of work and thousands of gallons of water, crews still had a lot of work Tuesday.

The majority of that work was investigative, something that wasn't easy because the building was so unstable.

Crews had to bring in heavy machinery to take the building apart in sections. Investigators would then look through it all for clues as to what caused the massive fire.

One problem crews ran into was while they were moving stuff around they would often come across areas that were still burning.

Barret Baker with the Tucson Fire Department said, "Big building, equals big fire, equals big water. So given that and the thousands of gallons of water that have been poured on this structure there's so many different rooms and compartments to that when you pull one wall down you'll still see some hidden fire."

Because the process is taking so long, investigators have not found a cause just yet.


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