Oct 30, 2012 7:49 PM

Voter fraud investigation underway in Pima County

TUCSON - The Pima County Recorders Office is investigating a case of voter fraud.

F. Ann Rodriguez said, while verifying signatures, her operators came across a signature that did not match that of two voters, a husband and wife. Her office then contacted the couple, who confirmed they had not even received their ballots in the mail, "and then what we ultimately did was send a team of representatives from our office to their actual house with replacement ballots so they could vote their ballot, so they could actually see what we had received, and they acknowledged that that was not them." Rodriguez said the investigation is on-going, including the possibility the ballots may have been stolen.

According to Rodriguez, the phony signatures are a first, however, operators have come across hundreds of questionable ballots. The most common occurrence involves husbands and wives who sign for each other, parents who vote for their children who may be off to college, and signatures from a power of attorney, none of which are acceptable.

She said as of Monday, more than 160,000 ballots had been returned to the Recorder's Office. The deadline to return a ballot by mail is Friday and emergency voting will take place this weekend. For more information visit www.recorder.pima.gov.


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