May 6, 2012 7:27 PM

Volunteers paper your street

TUCSON - With not much news coming from the Tucson Police Department, volunteers are doing what they can to help. Sunday morning, groups got together to paper your streets.

Volunteers showered the area between Wilmot and Alvernon on 22nd Street with signs.

"She spent a lot of time over here, so people around here might have seen her. If it was someone that was in this area that had been watching her at the ballpark, we want to make sure that we have her face specifically in this area," says Tammy Frayser.

Every pole along the stretch of road now has a sign like this one posted on it. Just one more way to make sure everyone knows to keep an eye out for Isabel Celis.

Shoes, wheels or a stroller, the method didn't matter; it's the goal that counts. Two groups set out with one purpose: paper your street. They're putting Isabel's face on every pole possible.

"You have to keep putting her face out there and if it's two to three hours out of our lives, that's nothing."

From pole to pole and even bus stops, volunteers walked with flyers in hand, taping each one in hopes that someone will recognize this little girl.

"Just trying to get her face out so everybody can see it. If, by chance, somebody is in a grocery store they'll be like, "Hey, I know her,'" says Brittney Patrick.

As we enter into week three of the search, resources are running thin.

"The volunteer station here is running out. We're going to work on with what we have and hopefully more people will come and make donations so we can get more fliers printed."

Each flier is different and now they're trying neon green.

"Just the color of paper, we're hoping it just pops a little bit more where people pay attention, it gets their eyes to it a little closer," says Frayser. "Two weeks is a very small amount of time when you're thinking of a 6-year-old child, a beautiful little girl that did not deserve what has happened to her. She needs to be home."

Volunteers encourage the community to print signs and post them in your neighborhood. You can also stop by the volunteer tent on Broadway and Craycroft to pick some up.

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