Decision 2012

Nov 6, 2012 8:20 PM by Ian Cross

Volunteers on hand to make sure voting goes smoothly

TUCSON - Members of many organizations are hanging out at polling places today, d helping people troubleshoot and making sure everyone exercises their right to vote.

Volunteers reported no major problems today, but should there be a problem, they are ready.

"It's really important for our voice to be heard as the people," said voter Carl Yates.

Most people would agree, so volunteers from the Pima County Election Protection Committee are making sure that happens.

"They call in to us and we look over the law and make sure it's being followed correctly, and if we need to, then escalate it to the county recorder," says Nate Wade, with the committee.

The volunteers include lawyers and law students who are standing by, ready to help.

Because of the district changes they're mostly helping people find their right polling place and doing what they can to ensure that provisional ballots count.

Volunteers are helping out "across the country to be sure that every voter is able to exercise their right to vote with no difficulty or misunderstanding," Wade said.

It's a reassurance for voters like Carl Yates, who said: "I think it's really important that people get out there to vote if they have the right to, and are not held back from that."

Volunteers said most issues today are simple to solve, but some will be forwarded to the county recorder's office for further review.


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