Nov 17, 2012 11:19 PM by Sean Mooney

Viewers get to ride along during El Tour de Tucson

Tucson- Some great stories surrounding the 30th El Tour De Tucson this year. It is definitely one of the best community involved cycling events in the country.

It is also a very competitive race attracting many elite cyclists, like Eric Marcotte who won his 3rd consecutive 111 mile with a time of 4:13:28. On the ladies side, Linnea Herbertson won it, getting it done in 4:39:03.

And then you have me, a bit out of shape but having committed to doing the 60 mile course month's ago. Way too little training but plenty of enthusiasm. I also wanted to give our viewers an on course look at what goes on out there and to do that I took along a small video camera.

No matter what distance you sign on for, 111, 85, 60 or 42, the start of the race is just a sea of people. What makes it perilous is that they are all on wheels. It is dangerous out there. This was the third El Tour I have ridden in and it never fails, I have seen plenty of serious wrecks out there. But if you are careful and when you break free, it is really a blast.

As I mentioned, I didn't get much training in for this one and that really became clear when several large people on bikes with cargo shorts started passing me. The kicker was when a family of four, with mom on her Schwinn bike, with daisy stickers, and dad dragging two kids with him on one of those train bikes scooted by me at mile 40.

All in all, it was another great El Tour, although for me it was more like El Tour De Torture, but hey, I did finish.


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