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Oct 20, 2011 4:10 PM

VIDEO: Unemployed Oregon man moves to Arizona on lawnmower

(MSNBC) - A down-on-his luck elderly Oregon man has decided to hit the road and relocate almost a thousand miles to Quartzsite, Arizona - while riding his lawnmower tractor.

Stephen Hulsey, from Grant's Pass, Oregon, lost his job two years ago and has decided to move to greener pastures in Arizona.

However, Hulsey hasn't driven a car in over two decades as a result of his poor eyesight, so his mower is his only mode of transportation.

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Hulsey packed up his belongings, along with his dachshund named "LT," and left last Wednesday on his tractor, which only gets approximately fifteen miles to the gallon and travels four miles-per-hour.

"Unemployment's running out, so my trailer's gone," Hulsey said. "I just took my lawn tractor and my trailer and I hit the road."

Hulsey hopes to make it to the Arizona desert before Christmas


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