Nov 18, 2013 8:02 PM by Brian White

VIDEO: New Mexico trooper fires on minivan full of children

TAOS, NEW MEXICO - An October traffic stop in New Mexico turned out to be anything but routine after the officer explained the ticket to the woman, she sped off... leading to a chase and confrontation you have to see for yourself.

According to police, Oriana Farrell was speeding when she was pulled over by a New Mexico state police officer.

The officer explained the ticket, and when Farrell would not sign the ticket he asked her to get out of her car. When she would not, the officer told her to turn the car off while he called dispatch.

Instead, Farrell took off leading the officer on a chase through Taos, New Mexico.

When the officer pulled her over a second time, he tried to get farrell out of her car when her teenage son got out of the car. That led the officer to draw his gun.

After a lengthy confrontation, other officers arrived and the family had locked themselves in the car.

Officers broke the window of the van and Farrell sped off again. In an attempt to stop her, police shot at the car.

Eventually, Farrell pulled into a hotel parking lot and was apprehended.

She was charged with child abuse and aggravated fleeing.

New Mexico state police is investigating.


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