Dec 21, 2011 6:27 PM

VIDEO: Bobcat that was trapped, beaten and shot is released back into wild

TUCSON - The Wildlife Center is calling it a Christmas Miracle: the bobcat that was caught in two steel traps, shot in the face, and beaten earlier this year has fully recovered and was released back into the wild.

Back in September, a wildcat was caught on a property near Ina and Thornydale - the homeowner said he was trying to protect his chickens. The Tucson Wildlife Center came to rescue the cat after the incident was brought to the attention of Arizona Game and Fish, who did not end up charging the homeowner.

"Trapper," as the bobcat was later named, was taken in by the Tucson Wildlife with a badly-shattered jaw, gunshot wounds in its face, and two steel traps hanging from each of its back legs, according to a representative for the center. Trapper underwent major surgery to repair the extensive damage to its jaw, as well as damage to its legs and toes from the steel traps.

Within three months, x-rays showed that Trapper was ready to be released back into the wild, "as far from man as he could get," the Wildlife Center states in a news release.

Below is a YouTube video showing Trapper being released back into the wild:

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