Jun 24, 2012 7:22 PM

Vandals target water tank in Sierra Vista

SIERRA VISTA-About 600 people in the Golden Acres subdivision of Sierra Vista have been asked to conserve water after vandals shot up a 165 thousand gallon water tank.

Residents of Golden Acres and nearby businesses said they hope the vandal realizes when there are water issues, everyone is affected.

The tank was shot several times.

The vandal also shot at the water company's surveillance camera.

"You can see the camera with the exit holes coming out of it," said Gary Newman with Southwestern Utility.

He said the damage to the tank left serious consequences.

"What we ended up having to do is drain this whole tank because there were lead fragments inside the tank that we had to get out of the domestic water system," said Newman.

Since the shooting, workers have been hauling water from another area to a much smaller tank to pump out to residents and nearby businesses.

"We actually hauled approximately 100 thousand gallons plus running pumps in there at 100 gallons a minute 24 hours a day just to try to keep up with the demand," said Newman.

But to keep with demand, the community had to do their part as well.

Delio's Italian Restaurant said they limited how frequently they washed their dishes and only gave water to customers if they requested it, and a worker from Classy Cuts said they had to reschedule a few hair appointments because of low water pressure.

For several days the water company has been working on disinfecting the affected tank.

"And then we had to re-flush the whole tank out again and then refill," said Newman.

After a week without, the community will have their full supply of water back.

The water tank affected is back online after results from water samples came back and the water company was given the green light.


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