Aug 21, 2014 12:25 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Vail students kept on school bus until storms pass

SAHAUARITA - Roads near Corona de Tucson are back to normal after heavy monsoon flooding Tuesday night.

Cars were backed up for hours as tractors cleared debris.

As firefighters responded to simultaneous swift water rescues, deputies made sure drivers didn't cross flooded streets.

Sahuarita Road from Harrison to Alvernon was a flooded mess Tuesday. Assistant Chief Frank Mehay with Corona de Tucson Fire said, "two to three hours of constant rain and once the ground got saturated there was a lot of spill off onto the roads."

It was the same story along Houghton he said, "Houghton Road has at least 25 areas that become impassable."

Drivers were stuck waiting it out along with a handful of kids on a Vail school bus.

Cienega High School Sophomore Brynn Lough said, "we got stuck on the bus until like 9 p.m. at night."

The bus driver didn't want to risk crossing a dangerous road so he pulled over at Andrada Polytechnic.

"We just had to sit and wait until it all went away, until somebody picked you up," said Lough.

As the water receded some residents pitched in clearing roads by using their own personal tractors. Others were picking up stranded drivers.

Resident Nicole Lopez said, "there are a few people who have jeeps and things can get through it, they'll go pick up stuck people. We have a neighbor that you know you can call, if you really get stuck and want to come home."

With the monsoon not over yet firefighters warn: turn around, don't drown.

Two vehicles got stuck Tuesday night, a car and truck.

During summer storms size doesn't matter. Assistant Chief Mehay said, "this was a big truck, it had a six inch lift and still got stuck."

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