Jun 2, 2014 12:27 AM by KVOA Sports

UofA shot put star Julie Labonte chases NCAA gold

TUCSON - UofA shot put and discus star Julie Labonte is an All-American, an NCAA champion and even an Olympian. So it's no surprise track and field is in her blood.

"My dad was actually a decathlete and he did a lot of high jump and javelin," Labonte told News 4. "He brought me into track and field. I started doing meets in the U.S. as a high schooler."

You see, Labonte is Canadian, hailing from Quebec. Her hometown is nearly 3,000 miles northeast of Tucson in a French-dominated region with a much different climate.

"If we talk about snow, then yes, it's very different," Labonte laughed. "I was talking to my parents and they were telling me how the snow was just starting to melt now, so yes, it's quite different."

Labonte already has an award collection many would envy. But with her senior season winding down, the expectations from others are sky-high.

"When I was younger I felt more pressure. Now when I go to a meet I'm going to give what I have, 100% of what I have and what's going to happen is what happens," she said.

But Labonte won't leave everything up to chance. She's put in hours of extra time to capture her one elusive collegiate goal.

I want to win national championships in discus and shot put, double up," she said. "There is not a lot of girls that have done that, so it would be a big challenge for me but that's my goal."


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