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Apr 10, 2014 7:55 PM by John Overall

Univesity of Arizona sets a goal to raise more than one billion dollars

TUCSON - The University of Arizona is getting ready to launch its biggest, boldest, fundraising campaign in history.

The goal is to raise more than one billion dollars in private donations. It's all part of the universities strategic "Never Settle"

Jim Moore is the President and CEO of the UA Foundation, he says this campaign is all about the future of the university.
"It will really be an opportunity for our donors to invest in things that will help propel the university forward," Moore said.

The wheel that will drive the university forward is research.

According to the National Science Foundation the University of Arizona ranks 30th among public and private universities and colleges.
19th in research and third in physical sciences research.

Dr. Fernando Martinez is the Director of the Bio5 Institute where scientists from 5 different disciplines work together on a number of important issues.

Dr. Martinez says private donations help build programs like bio5 which helps the university recruit the best people.
"If we're going to be able to bring them here we need the resources to attract them to a place that is going to offer them some perspective of success," said Dr. Martinez.


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