Feb 3, 2014 9:47 PM by Lupita Murillo

UAPD officer faces Super Extreme DUI charges

TUCSON - Super Extreme DUI is just one of the charges a UA police Sergeant faces after police say he wrecked his patrol car over the weekend.

Police say Sergeant John McGrath hit a wall, on duty near Speedway and I-10, Saturday. A Tucson Police report obtained by News 4 Tucson shows his blood alcohol level was above .30 on two breathalyzer tests.

McGrath's also charged with failure to control speed, and a misdemeanor, for criminal damage.
Sgt. McGrath has been placed on what's called investigative suspension. The University of Arizona Police Department isn't commenting on any more than that.

News 4 spoke with some of his friends they say "He's a good guy, a patriot, and this is all very sad."

News 4 Tucson has learned Sgt. McGrath was working a swing shift. He came in at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and the crash occurred six hours later.

Tucson police say a passerby called 911 and told them a police car had crashed into a wall.

A newly released police report states, Sgt. McGrath told them a 'white van" cut him off causing him to leave the roadway and collide with the wall. He told them the incident was caught on his dash cam.

TPD check it out and also noticed Sgt. McGrath was driving 76 mph and that he almost collided with the white van.

The report also states officers noticed Sgt. McGrath was swaying from side to side and stumbling. The officer noted an odor of intoxicants coming from his breath.

The report also states McGrath was asked if he was on his way to a call he replied no, he was on his way to the ‘'farms". Property owned by the U of A.

Sgt. McGrath is a Captain with the Arizona National Guard. He recently returned from a deployment to Afghanistan. A spokesman for the Arizona National Guard says he was commissioned in 2008. Four years later he was promoted to captain. He adds, McGrath also earned a bronze star.

His mission was to train, assist and advise the Afghan National Army in security force, assistance and detention operations.

The Arizona National Guard released the following statement:

The Arizona National guard does not comment on specific charges or ongoing

The Arizona Army National guard offers many programs to assist soldiers and
Families before, during, and after deployments by connecting them with
Appropriate resources and training. Soldiers who may be suffering from
Substance abuse or any other stress-related problem are encouraged to
Contact the Arizona National Guard resilience center where they can get help
From licensed mental health providers with confidentiality.


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